I have a theory.

Two things will become understood in the next 40-60 years:

  1. Spontaneous Human Combustion
  2. Time Travel

The first will not only become well understood, but will be provided for via commercial off-the-shelf tools, or at least hobbyist/enthusiast tools and readily available instructions. The second is easier to explain in light of the first.

My reasoning can be explained as follows:

  1. I have been made to work on HTML emails again.
  2. If this happens again, I intend to travel back in time and visit every single ancestor of every single person who has ever lead to my having to work on HTML emails and set them on fire.  For the good of humanity, of course. I’ll feel bad, but it’s necessary.

Because there have been documented (however poorly) instances of spontaneous human combustion in the past, the above course of events clearly occurs at some point in my lifetime.

It’s the only way things make sense.