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All Change, Second Iteration

Hey folks, I’ve just noticed that when I flood-filled all of my old entries onto the new blog yesterday, I accidentally flattened the “there’s been a change” post.  So it’s time for a new “there’s been a change” post.

My old blog platform, whilst pleasant enough for the most part, was a sledgehammer to crack a nut.  It was also broken by a routine upgrade, and attempts to fix it were not going well.  So I decided to ditch it and move to something simpler and easier to maintain.

So here we are!  New platform, old posts.  I’ll be working out the details of the look & feel when I get more spare time… but in the meantime it’s not too offensive, so it’s not a priority just yet.

So what is Eggbox, exactly?

What is it?

Eggbox is a blog. It’s owned by Adrian Long, but he doesn’t plan to be the only person to post to it. Exactly who will post on it at any given time is fluid, but usually posts will be from a group of friends, colleagues and acquaintances. There isn’t a set agenda for the blog, except to post things that might be considered “of interest”. What is “of interest” at any given time is usually down to who’s posting. This is delibarate – the plan is that we have a bunch of interests, and the chances are that there are more people who share those interests out there.

Where do the images come from

Some of the images used on this site are original creations by the owner or those who post here. Others are images that have been made available for use under [url=”]creative commons[/url] licenses. In all cases, credit will be given. Usually this credit will include a link to the source of the image, which will provide you with more details. Licensing details for images will also be included.

Rules for commenting

If you’ve signed up for the site, you should be able to comment on articles for a while after they’re published. You are legally responsible for what you say. The owner of the site is legally responsible for publishing those words to a mass audience. He is also responsible for ensuring that the tone of the site is appropriate for a wide audience. If he has issue with what you say, it goes. If you can’t learn what is or isn’t acceptable then your ability to comment will be removed. Those are the rules. Live with them.

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