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Nine Worlds Geekfest 2015 – My Sunday Writeup (no sketchnotes)

This is the final writeup of my time at Nine Worlds 2015, and unlike the previous two, it’ll be quite brief and completely without sketchnotes.  This isn’t a deliberate absence of sketchnotes – I just didn’t really go to anything that made sense to take notes at!

In fact, most of my time was spent socialising – I think the only programme item I went to was the “Night of the Trailers – Morning of the Trailers” slot in the film festival.

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Nine Worlds Geekfest 2015 – Friday

I’ve recently returned from the thoroughly enjoyable “Nine Worlds Geekfest” – a friendly, highly inclusive, mixed media / mixed genre geek/fan convention.

Whilst I was there, I spent many of the panels I attended scribbling some sketchnotes.  For me, sketchnotes are a way to force what I hear in panels to go through different bits of my brain, and to stay in my head better than they would if I just listened.

This post is going to be a con report, but unlike any other con reports I’ve written, I’m going to include scans of my sketchbook pages. So you have some context…  my sketchbook pages are roughly 12.5cm wide by about 17.5cm tall.  If things look a bit fuzzy on bigger screens, it’s because they’ve been blown up a bit in scanning.

So – on to the programme items for Friday – Saturday & Sunday will follow.

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Spontaneous Human Combustion and Time Travel

I have a theory.

Two things will become understood in the next 40-60 years:

  1. Spontaneous Human Combustion
  2. Time Travel

The first will not only become well understood, but will be provided for via commercial off-the-shelf tools, or at least hobbyist/enthusiast tools and readily available instructions. The second is easier to explain in light of the first.

My reasoning can be explained as follows:

  1. I have been made to work on HTML emails again.
  2. If this happens again, I intend to travel back in time and visit every single ancestor of every single person who has ever lead to my having to work on HTML emails and set them on fire.  For the good of humanity, of course. I’ll feel bad, but it’s necessary.

Because there have been documented (however poorly) instances of spontaneous human combustion in the past, the above course of events clearly occurs at some point in my lifetime.

It’s the only way things make sense.

Positive and Negative realisations

Two things have come to my attention over the last couple of days, and I thought I’d share them.  Neither are particularly earth shattering, but one’s positive and the other is negative.

I’ll start with the negative.

My right knee is a little bit buggered.

I know exactly why this is – the most recent batch of orthotic insoles I bought were a different brand, as my usual ones were out of stock.  These ones aren’t as good, and the ones I’m using right now are my spares, as one of the proper ones tore when I turned by ankle the other day.

This all means that my arches aren’t properly supported, which means my feet roll inwards.  Because the different bits of my body are actually connected to each other (bizarre, I know), my feet rolling inwards means that my knees twist inwards too, in a less-than ideal way.

So, since I got my substandard orthotics, and since those fell apart and left me using my sub-substandard ones, my knees have been twisted at funny angles whenever I walk.

Which hurts.

I’ve got new ones of my usual make coming from my usual supplier shortly, so I should be able to fix this soon enough.

Next up, the positive:

I appear to have lost an inch and a half off my waistline.

Since moving house, I’ve lost some weight.  I’m guessing that some of this is because:

  1. I’ve now got a longer walk to and from the station
  2. I’ve been eating less takeout and cooking more of my own food instead
  3. I now have to go up two flights of stairs to get to the front door

…but it still came as a bit of a shock.  For the past year or so, I’ve had some trousers that were a bit too big and some that were a bit too small.  Trousers that actually fit me properly don’t exist, so those are my options.

Yesterday I was looking through the wardrobe to find some of the “slightly too small” trousers and found that they no longer existed.  I now own trousers that are slightly too big and trousers that are quite a lot too big.

It’s quite pleasant when that happens, except for the fact that I now need to go out and buy more trousers.  I loathe clothes shopping.  Most of the time is just spent trying to find something that’s even close to my size – style choices barely get a look in!

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