Role in band:  Laser Guitar & Vocals

Phase #1: Origins

Valentine St. John was born in the back of a tech-tinker’s truck, and spent the early part of his life surrounded by a mix of almost-broken and almost-working technology.  Raised through his early years to follow in the family trade, before the music caught hold and changed his direction.

  • ASPECT: If I just tweak THIS…
  • ASPECT: What does this button do?

Phase #2: Joining the band

One drunken night in a bar with Left Hand Luke, partway through another night of drunken shenanigans, it seemed like a band was a good idea.  He’d seemed pretty keen to handle the legword, and Valentine was happy to stand up front and take the fame!

  • ASPECT: I need backup
  • ASPECT: Wanna make it big

Phase #3: What made you (in)famous?

Once, after a gig, the bar owner was being a bit reluctant to pay out and some of the clientèle were getting a touch raucous.  One of them was getting a bit fresh with Regina, so Valentine stepped in to protect “his girl” – hoping to start a fight as a distraction.  Unfortunately the guy started to back down.

Regina didn’t take to kindly to being “protected” by a man, though, so a stand-up, knock-down fight soon ensued all the same. Whilst the bar owner was trying to break it all up, the rest of the band lifted their earnings (and a few dozen beers for the trouble) and made a getaway, eventually followed by a still arguing Regina and Valentine!

  • ASPECT: A real man stands up for his girl / For Chivalry!
  • ASPECT: Not just a pretty face (AL: this aspect needs work – it’s too broad, I think)


So, sometime whilst it was all going down the tubes, Valentine decided he didn’t need those losers anymore.  Turning his back on the rest of the already fracturing band, he decided to go it alone.

Initially successful, he made a fortune with his solo work, but the shine soon faded.  Whilst the income dwindled, the lifestyle took its toll on his bank balance and soon he was back to having nothing to his name except his clothes, his skills, and his laser guitar.  He went from being the man of the hour to an almost forgotten has been in just a short time.

  • ASPECT: Star of my own show
  • ASPECT:  Burned out, faded away.


Realising he needed to change, Valentine walk out into the desert with just his clothes, a small pack and his guitar.  Walking the smaller settlements, he found a different way… and a heavy, loud, black motorcycle.  Moving from shanty-town to shanty-town, he arrived unnanounced, and did small jobs in return for a bit of food.  Soon the small jobs got bigger as he began to help isolated folks turn away bandits and thieves.

Never telling the townsfolk his name, he decided to become a better man than the one he had been.  Part of being the better man meant it was time to rebuild burned bridges, rejoin the band… and try to be less of an asshole this time.  Nobody said it was going to be easy!

  • ASPECT: Pale Rider
  • ASPECT: Not that man anymore


+5 Performance
+4 Engineering, Gunslinger
+3 Techy Stuff, Rapport, Knowin’ Folks
+2 Drive, Book Learnin’, Athletics, Weapons
+1 Deceit, Stealth, Alertness, Intimidation, Mysteries of Science

Stress Tracks

Health Boxes: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (special)
Compusure: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (special)
Wealth: 1 2 3 (special)

GM’s Note: I have transferred one wealth box to Composure (representing the calm found out on the dunes) and one to Health (representing the lean fitness found as the pale rider).  These boxes can be transferred back to wealth at dramatically appropriate moments if desired, but this would represent a step back toward the man Valentine used to be, and the change would likely be permanent.