Role In Band: “Junk Percussionist”

Phase #1: Origins

Trouble grew up on a farm/commune of about 30-40 people. It was built with more ideas and aspirations than any real skill, and as such Trouble and her dad were constantly repairing the poorly constructed greenhouses/buildings, run down by the harsh desert weather and occasional animal attacks. The damage eventually became irreparable, and the place was declared a failure.  Trouble’s father and some others went off to start again in a better location, but trouble chose not to join them.  Instead, she set out to find a new calling in life.

  • ASPECT: Finding my way
  • ASPECT: “I’m fed up of turnips” / “No More Turnips!”

Phase #2: Joining The Band

One particularly bleak and dreary day, Trouble was walking in the wilderness, finding her way to the next thing… when she encountered a strange character out in the dunes, named Kate.  Kate told trouble of a band in a tour bus a short distance away, and how they could maybe help her out along the road.

En route to the bus, she discovered some ne’er do wells laying in wait for the band… so when she arrived at the tour bus, she warned them and they managed to narrowly avoid an unfortunate encounter!

As it turned out, they needed a drummer and some drums, so she was able to fashion something to her liking from nearby scrap and begin her life as a junk percussionist, despite the occasional (rebuffed) advance from Left Hand Luke!

  • ASPECT: Not that kind of girl
  • ASPECT: Trouble Magnet

Phase #3: What made your name?

Luke had recently written a signature man-and-guitar ballad, which was getting quite a lot of play and doing pretty well… but, to put it bluntly, it was boring.  One night at a gig, Trouble had had enough of twiddling her thumbs and lazily tapping out a simple beat with brushes (BRUSHES!)… so decided to insert a short drum break.  Which turned out to be a 20 minute drum solo, just to liven things up.

Luke was not pleased, but the audience loved it. Particularly the fight afterwards.

  • ASPECT: Won’t be ignored
  • ASPECT: Just keep hitting

Phase #4: Where did it all go wrong?

Once Valentine left the band, it was clear that it was time to move on… so Trouble decided to cut & run, living on her share of the royalties for a while. She even took the traditional post-band rock & roll career and opened a bar, which actually turned out to be both successful and reasonably lucrative.

  • ASPECT: Take the money and run
  • ASPECT: Successful businesswoman.

Phase #5: Why are you back?

Trouble caught a few rumours on the wind, drifting into her bar.  Successful as she was, hearing rumours of a possible reformation made her think that maybe she was getting stuck in a rut at the bar, and maybe it was time to get back out on the road.  After all, things would be better out there now, wouldn’t they?

Besides, she was curious to see if the rest of them were doing as well as she was.

  • ASPECT: Look at me now!
  • ASPECT: The grass is always greener….


+5 Athletics
+4 Endurance, Resources
+3 Engineering, Intimidation, Knowing Folks
+2 Resolve, Survival, (TBA), (TBA)
+1 (TBA), (TBA), (TBA), (TBA), (TBA)

Stress Tracks

Health: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (+2 from Endurance)
Composure: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (+1 from Resolve)
Wealth: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (+2 from Resources)