Role in band:  Atomic Theremin Dancer! (with body mounted atomic theremin antennae)

Phase #1: Origins

Kate’s history is… conspicuous by it’s absence.  The earliest clear memory she has is of waking up out in the desert with no memory of who she was.  Cursory inspection revealed a spot of conflict between an anatomy and dress, but what a dress it was – a bespoke tailored ballgown that knew exactly where to take things in and where to let them out.

The only clue about her identity was the ballgown itself, which had a name label… saying “Kate”.  From there on out, everything is just history!

  • ASPECT: The label says “kate”
  • ASPECT: Dressed for the occasion

Phase #2: Joining the band

In a not uncommon occurrence for Kate, she was wandering along in the desert when she was sighted, bathing in an oasis by the Cyprus Grove manhunters – including Regina Jackson.  There was a spot of awkwardness when they tried to abduct her… but Regina soon decided that she was one of the girls and it all got (mostly) smoothed over.

Kate travelled with Regina for a while, and it was through her that she came to join the band.

  • ASPECT: Out of the dunes
  • ASPECT: Just one of the girls

Phase #3: What made you (in)famous?

On tour in the band’s first incarnation, they played a gig at Tractor’s End, playing alongside one of the great tractor’s giant treads.  The gig had two things going for it.  It had an awesome vibe, and it had a tight curfew as the local didn’t want to anger the mythical “road priests” they believed lived in the tractor.

But Kate was enjoying herself, and decided she wasn’t going to stop.  Demanding that Trouble kept a rhythym going for her to dance to, she scaled the side of the giant the tractor itself.  She and a considerable retinue carried on dancing long past the curfew.  The light beams from her Atomic Theremin scattered across the sky as she danced, and its sounds carried for miles across the plains…  stopping only when the local authorities prevented Trouble from pounding out her beat.

Naturally, a rather nasty fight ensued when the Tractor’s End militia tried to pull her down. Turns out that when the fighting kicks off, she’s not all that ladylike!

  • ASPECT: Dancing with myself
  • ASPECT: Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me


Kate’s new life in the band ended when the rest of them argued and split up.  Ever the wanderer, she just packed up and headed back out across the plains.

Eventually she made a mud hut and started to dance to her Atomic Theremin, raise lizards (for the conversation, you see) and make wonderful clothes and artwork from whatever blew past.

  • ASPECT: Just Walk Away
  • ASPECT: Mad Lizard Lady


Ever one who was prone to random happenstance, Kate was dancing across the dunes to the music in her head one afternoon when she thought she heard something familiar.

She danced over the crest of the nearest dune, and there it was… the bus, with the reunited band aboard and just starting to wonder where they’d need to start looking to find her!

Seeing this as a sign from… something or other, she decided to just go with the flow (as usual) and rejoin the group.

  • ASPECT: Serendipity’s Bitch
  • ASPECT: Well why not?


+5 Survival
+4 Endurance, Performance
+3 Athletics, Investigation, Stealth
+2 Alertness, Driving, Fists, Might
+1 Empathy, Guns, Rapport, Resolve, Sleight of Hand

Stress Tracks

Health: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (+2 from Endurance)
Compusure: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (+1 from Resolve)
Wealth: 1 2 3 4 5