Role in band:  Bassist / Songwriter

Phase #1: Origins

Luke started out at P07 Freight.  Craving a reason for people to pay attention to him, he joined up with the “Daylighters” – one of the infamous gangs.  Never entirely comfortable with being up at the front of the action, he still craved attention, and soon gained a reputation within the gang as the kid with the plan.

  • ASPECT: It’s all about me
  • ASPECT: I love it when a plan comes together

Phase #2: Joining the band

Of course, being the kid with the plan sometimes means you’re left holding the bag when the plan comes unstuck, and you need to find an escape route.  Meeting another musician in a bar was helpful.  Doubly so because it was right around the time that luke needed to get away from a fight that didn’t quite go as planned providing a convenient way out whilst still keeping him a fair way into the spotlight.  The fact that being in a band would help him get girls didn’t go unnoticed either, even if he didn’t always get the ones he wanted.

  • ASPECT: Gotta get out of this place
  • ASPECT: Come with me, I’m in the band

Phase #3: What made you (in)famous?

One night, after a fairly rough gig, Luke spotted Valentine (who was ever one to ignore the band for more personal fame) having a sneaky meeting with a shady suit.  Misinterpreting the discussion as a personal business deal (which would screw the rest of the band over) he pulled a gun on Valentine and the Suit.

The suit turned out to be none other than Cyrus Honeydew, a major promoter in the Drybone area.

  • ASPECT: “You’ll never work in Drybone again!”
  • ASPECT: Cocked, Locked & Ready to Rock!


As one of the most capable musicians in the band, and the one with the most songwriting talent, Luke branched out and wrote a back-to-basics accoustic album.  He wanted to bring the band with him, but clean accoustic work didn’t really suit the sounds of Junk Percussion, Laser Guitar, Atomic Theremin or The Infernal Engine.  So the rest of the band turned their back on it, and he decided to find other musicians who better shared his vision.

  • ASPECT: Artistic Differences
  • ASPECT: Critically Acclaimed Commercial Flop


Having heard rumours that a pregnant Regina was seen travelling across the wastes after the group split up, Luke started to put two and two together.  They’d started to have a “thing” when things were just turning bad… and he wanted to track her down to find the truth before any unexpected surprises appeared.

He completely failed to even find her town, but whilst he was looking, she tracked him down.  The pair got talking about the good old days, and decided that maybe it was time for another try… at the music, at least.  The rest is still up in the air.

  • ASPECT: “Better not to have things to be responsible for”
  • ASPECT: Child Support


+5 Leadership
+4 Performance, Alertness
+3 Deceit, Rapport, Resolve
+2 Endurance, Athletics, Guns, Might
+1 (TBA), (TBA), (TBA), (TBA), (TBA)

Stress Tracks

Health: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (+1 from endurance)
Compusure: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (+2 from resolve)
Wealth: 1 2 3 4 5