Role in band:  Keyboardist / van owner.  Keyboard (“The Infernal Engine”) is built into the van, which can double as a stage.

Phase #1: Origins

Regina was born and raised in Cypress Grove, where she soon became one of their manhunters.  Not inclined towards the “club them over the head and throw them in the back of the truck” approach, she tends to prefer to bring them in willingly.  She’s rather good at that.

Wherever she may roam, home will always hold a place in her heart.

  • ASPECT: Ain’t no place like home
  • ASPECT: Catch more flies with honey

Phase #2: Joining the band

One year, Regina was out on a hunt, but before she’d had a chance to get anywhere the van’s electronics went on the fritz in the middle of a desert dust storm.  It was going nowhere fast, with her stuck in some crappy little roadside diner in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a mob of pasty faced no-chin wonders.

But, as luck would have it, there was also a singer-slash-ex-tech-tinker at the diner… apparently stranded there after some kind of post-gig bender.  Valentine (the ex-tech-tinker in question) patched up the electronics, but the cost of doing so was pretty high, leaving Regina with a fair bit of debt to pay off.  Valentine didn’t want to be confined to Cypress Grove, so Regina joined his band to service the debt instead.  Soon after, the van starting to sprout an ever growing selection of speakers, amplifiers and keyboards for her to play – becoming “The Infernal Engine”.

  • ASPECT: Any port in a storm
  • ASPECT: Always Pay Your Debts

Phase #3: What made you (in)famous?

Now, some folks out there are just rude.  For example, the followers of St. Bauer the Manly…  a raging gang of no-browed, steroid popping, bible bashing bikers  who had decided to strap Kate to a stake above some kindling they were about to light.  Just because they couldn’t get to grips with her being better endowed than some of them (that’d be the steroids).

Ever capable of bringing people round to her way of thinking, Regina brought a shotgun to help them listen whilst she talked them out of it without ever firing a shot.  What’s more, she managed to convert their leader to the church of rock in the process.  Now he and his ride the wastes preaching the words of St. Bauer the Rockin’!

  • ASPECT: Heavy Metal Missionary
  • ASPECT: (suggestion) “This here’s to help you listen”


Towards the end Regina and Left Hand Luke’s started to get a bit close.  Too close, really, in a way that would have caused problems for the group if it had come out.  But things all came to a head before that happened and everyone went their separate ways.

Regina went her way with an extra secret, though – Luke’s unexpected lovechild.  Nobody knew – not even Luke. She went back to Cypress Grove so the secret child could be raised properly amongst her people.

  • ASPECT: I know my duty
  • ASPECT: Always carry protection


Much as Regina loves her home, after the life she had on the road it just seems so small.  Nothing unexpected ever happens, and there’s precious little spontaneity.  Small town life, much as she craves it, isn’t enough to sustain her any more.  She needs more.  She needs fun.  She needs excitement.  She needs the band.  What’s more, she’s heard that Luke’s out looking for her and asking awkward questions…  and that the band might be getting back together as well.

Now that the kid’s old enough to be in the communal crèche back home, looked after by the older folks and schooled in the ways of the town – as is good and proper – it was time for her to head back out.  So she set out to find Luke and see where things went from there.  Where they went was back on the road, with the band back together.

  • ASPECT: Small town ain’t big enough
  • ASPECT: Girls just wanna have fun


+5 Sleight of Hand
+4 Resolve, Deceit
+3 Knowin’ Folks, Driving, Rapport
+2 Empathy, Guns, Survival, Invesitgation
+1 Resources, (TBA), (TBA), (TBA), (TBA)

Stress Tracks

Health: 1 2 3 4 5
Compusure: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (+2 from Resolve)
Wealth: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (+1 from Resources)