Still Alive

I’m not dead or anything – I’ve just had virtually no free time recently. Theatrical commitments and my killer commute have put paid to any free time I would usually have for the past couple of weeks. Any time that I’ve not been at work, working on stage lighting or commuting has generally been spent either relaxing or sleeping in an attempt to stave of stress induced collapses and/or shotgun rampages.

But I haven’t forgotten all you folks out there. I’m still cobbling some ideas together for future posts, including a semi-work related post. I’ve got an idea for a User Experience related post… but you can relax, because it’ll be talking about LARP as well. Amongst other things, it’ll cover why I’m quite happy for people I work with to know about my LARP activity, and why I actually consider it a benefit when it comes to User Experience work. My only concern is that it’s a big topic, and there’s a lot of aspects to it. I may actually have to turn it into multiple posts, but doing so might dilute them. I’ll see how it goes.

I’m sure that the show will generate at least another post as well, assuming I survive.

Normal service will resume soon after the show is completed.