Real Life gets in the way again.

Where have I been?

Yes folks, my silence has been dictated by having too much other stuff that needed doing. I’m trying to make time to post more, but between work, holidays and other projects I’ve just not had time to pull any posts together recently.

It also seems likely that when I start up again, it won’t be with the next part of my “LARP and the User Experience” series – the next part was kicking me in the arse. The subject I’d chosen was too big to fit into a post that anybody would actually read… so I’ll come back to it when I can get past the conceptual roadblock and work out how to break it down into a number of shorter posts.

What’s next?

Instead, the next post is likely to be on a different topic of some kind. I have thoughts in my head for a music related post, which may even include a hot button rant topic for me – the misconception that punk killed prog in the 80s. I also have a few prop construction & LARP planning thoughts that could easily turn into posts.